Why Do Most Attractive Women Prefer Dating Rich Men

Rich men and attractive women are a natural match, but there are some who wonder why attractive women would rather date a rich man. While the term "gold digger" is often used as a pejorative, many attractive women who choose rich men are not doing so because of their money.

There are many advantages that come with dating a rich man, so let's take a closer look at some of the reasons why attractive women choose rich men over their less well moneyed counterparts.

1. Confidence

An attractive woman does not want a man who needs constant assurance or a man who is always questioning his good fortune. A rich man knows what he deserves and has no problem putting his best foot forward. He is not afraid to pay for a night out on the town, because he knows what he brings to the table. A man who is in control of his own life is much more attractive than a neurotic man who does not have confidence in himself.

2. Intriguing Conversation

Rich men tend to have much more interesting conversations and women enjoy learning more about the world of finance and hearing stories about exotic locales, as opposed to petty griping about a fantasy sports team or tales of nights spent playing video games. Attractive women would much rather spend time with a man who has something new and interesting, instead of dealing with the same old same old.

3. Providing a Stable Future

No woman ever wants to feel as if she may have to support her man someday and by dating a rich man, an attractive woman knows that her future is essentially secure. She is able to spend her money as she sees fit and she can rest easily at night, with the knowledge that she will never have to work again, if that's the lifestyle she so chooses.

4. Hardworking

A rich man typically does not amass his wealth by sitting around all day and waiting for Lady Luck to shine down upon him (nice work if you can get it, though). All attractive women who prefer dating rich men are not jobless gold diggers looking to profit from someone else's hard work, they are often hardworking themselves and in search of someone whose ethic matches theirs.

5. Relaxed and Easygoing

Rich men do not have the same level of worries as a middle class citizen, so they are much easier to get along with. They are a relaxed and easygoing sort who tend to avoid temper tantrums and they rarely lose their cool. Few things are less attractive to a beautiful woman than an angry man who raises his voice and is quick to temper, which is yet another reason they are attracted to the casual demeanor of rich men.

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