Millionaire Match Review

Millionaire MatchThere are many millionaire dating websites out there to bring couples together. Though that is the case, one of the most popular is It allows rich men to find beautiful ladies who would like some kind of benefit of that wealthy lifestyle and vice versa. It's also the kind of site that can bring two millionaires together.

According to MillionaireMatch's homepage, it is the first, largest and most effective site in the world that connects successful, attractive people. They say their member list includes doctors, beauty queens, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, Hollywood celebrities, and CEOs. That's just the start of it all!

MillionaireMatch Website Gets Support From Two Top Companies

We noticed that gets its support from two well-known financial companies – the Wall Street Journal and Both entities claim that the site has a premier status and is the wealthy dating leader.

Well, is certainly number one when it comes to being a wealthy dating website, featuring a plethora of gorgeous and attractive members that includes verified millionaires. Most profiles are littered with fashion model-like pictures for both men and women.

For instance, a search of 20-to-30-year old UK women displays more than 500 results with most of them having a picture attached. A search for 35-to-45-year old U.S. men showed nearly the same thing. The site's ratio of gorgeous as well as smart people is amazing. Of course, it shouldn't be that big of a surprise as most members are very successful individuals.

Of course, getting support from two well-known companies and using model-like pictures is only some of the reasons people continue to use to find a mate.

What are some of the key things we've noticed about MillionaireMatch that make it a worthwhile choice?

First Impressions Count

We know that first impressions mean everything. It can make or break a site. If it's difficult to use or read, people are going to hit the backspace button and leave.

So, when it comes to the homepage, first impressions count. The site developers realized that and took a more practical view. Its focus is romance and finding a long-term partner rather than the glitz and glamor of a one-night stand. It's got a clean layout that has a logical flow and functions well. You would never have known it was a site for millionaires if it didn't have the word millionaire in it.

Site developers were focused on getting you to see its members, not be taken by the grandness of the pages. We noticed it uses a user-friendly navigation system with easy-to-understand search menus. It also offers you the option to reduce or increase your search that will still provide you some listings.

Easy to use and search for a mate.


Free membership for standard members

Gold Membership

  • 6 months (about $35.00 / month) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $210.00
  • 3 months (about $45.00 / month) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $135.00
  • 1 month (about $2.30 per day) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $70.00

When purchasing a gold membership through check card/credit card / PayPal, please be aware that our one-month memberships automatically renew unless we are notified to turn off the billing.

Here's what we notice Free members are privy to when they get the standard account:

  • Members can create a profile and upload photos. The profile can be used to describe who they are and what they are looking for in a person. Both Free and Gold members can view these profiles.
  • Members can send free winks to people they're interested in. If a Gold Member responds, free members can reply for free but cannot interact with them through instant messaging or emails.
  • Members can freely look through all profiles but are restricted to the basic search parameters such as gender, age range, and location.

Here's what we noticed as extra features for Gold members:

  • Ask for counselor help via live chat and email.
  • Start chatting online with other members and sending emails.
  • Respond to first date ideas.
  • Search by Annual Income, Photo, City, State, Zip or Province, Postal Code, Keywords, Saved, Advanced, Millionaire.
  • See if a sent email has been read.
  • Appear in Top of searches
  • 40+ other features

Asks For Income Level

Many dating sites don't verify income levels, but we noticed that does. Bear in mind that not everybody who comes to has a high net worth, which is fine since the site welcomes everybody to it. The site will ask for income level, so members are urged to be truthful. Not every rich person wants a rich partner – some will want someone who isn't rich to spend their time with. By informing the site what your income level is, you let potential partners know what they can expect.

How does it handle the touchy money subject? It does this by offering a range – from "under 100K" and up. This means members don't have to disclose how much they are worth – something they may consider too personal to share in the first place. People are all about privacy, and understands this.

Certified Millionaire Section

We also saw a section on dubbed "Certified Millionaires." This section is for millionaires who are looking for other millionaires to date. Again, you can expect the website to ask for documentation to verify you are a millionaire. The "Certified Millionaires" is a great way in which to cater to those people who feel financial status is important.

Are There Any Drawbacks To

It would seem that MillionaireMatch is perfect in every way, but we did notice one drawback to it. While the site includes a Contact Us function, it certainly lacks in the way of a useful FAQ section. Many new members could benefit from having their questions answered without having to turn to customer support.

Some of the FAQs about standard member access to features are not clearly talked about. Instead, members can either reach out to support or find out through trial and error. A minute flaw but could be problematic for some people.

In the grand scheme of things, should be considered one of the best wealthy dating sites available. After all, it gives people (rich or not) a chance to find love or a partner easily. It's got a large user base, comprised of both wealthy and not so well off individuals.

With all the benefits it has to offer, it's no wonder many people opt for a Gold membership. Yes, its membership costs are a little more than what you'd see with other (not as great) sites, but you're getting a lot here for what you pay for – quality and quantity. If you were to get a good glimpse of its clientele, you'd see that the price is more than fair.

When it comes to over-achievers, appears to be the leader. How so? They have millions of members, offers both quality and quantity in benefits, and they outdo their next web competitor by a factor of five. When people think of millionaire dating websites, they often think first of before other sites.

Should You Use

If you're not about sugar dating or you're ready to settle down with someone, may be just what you've been looking for. This easy-to-use site makes searching for a prospective mate a little easier. Plus, you can use the search functions to target certain criteria of people, which means the search results will only show you people who fit your ideal matches.

The site isn't just about men finding women but also women finding men. If you're a millionaire or an attractive woman who wants a fulfilling relationship – be it with another millionaire or not – then should be your first choice in finding love.

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