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First Date

Tips for First Date

Finding someone who has their head on straight with the financial means to provide stability and support can be a daunting task, to say the least. But after days of hanging out at the high-end malls and pouring through dozens of rich men dating sites, you've finally met... Read more>>

rich man

Get a Rich Man to Notice You

Although most women love decent men who have good qualities that go with this decency - a good sense of humor, a good speaker and good appearance. Maybe it would be nice if the man is so rich. It can be wishful thinking, but you can get some good tips on... Read more>>

rich men looking for marriage

Rich Men Looking for Marriage

Rich men are hard enough to find already, but finding rich men looking for marriage is even harder. Many wealthy eligible bachelors aren't looking for long term commitments because they already have everything they could ever want. Besides being wealthy... Read more>>